Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saving Money with Baby {Diapers}

Let's face it, kids cost money. But the truth is, they DON'T have to cost a fortune. Yes, you will have to feed, clothe, and shelter your kiddo. Those three things are necessities. Beyond that just about everything else is optional.

Have you looked at the price of diapers recently?? Holy cow! Most moms are painfully aware that a box of Pampers can easily cost upwards of $30. And if you have multiple kids in do the math. Yuck!

A friend of mine turned me on to cloth diapers about a year ago. Now before you start rolling your eyes (that's right, i saw that) hear me out. Cloth diapers these days are nothing like the ones our grandmas used. No safety pins. They are absorbent and can fit quite snuggly to your little one. No, I'm not a paid spokesperson (hey that's not a bad idea!) I'm just passionate about saving money and sharing it with you!

There are many different kinds of cloth diapers out there. We use these. Yes, they are more expensive but if you register for them at your baby shower, you get them for free. We have a total of 12 and I believe I only bought 2. And those 2 purchases have more than paid for themselves. If you've already had your baby, consider getting them at Buy Buy Baby. You can use Buy Buy Baby coupons AND Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons (NOT expired) for 20% off! Now that's a deal! There are so many different cloth diapers now a days. Don't feel limited to just this brand. We will be using the same diapers with each kid so the long term savings are huge.

I don't use a diaper service, I clean them myself. It's really not that bad at all. I soak mine in a bucket of water until I'm ready to wash. I use natural laundry detergent which saves the material on each diaper and is very budget friendly. Only 1 tbsp/load. I've never had any issues with smell either. Just fresh and clean!

You will need to put a little effort into treating your cloth diapers well. For instance, you have to be careful with booty ointments because they can break down the fibers and repel rather than absorb urine. If my son ever gets a diaper rash (super rare) we just use disposable with our ointments until cleared up and then go back to cloth.

I still use disposable diapers for church or babysitter. Hey, I want to be a blessing to those who graciously watch my kid! I'll buy 1 box and it will last around 2 months or longer. We use disposables probably 30% of the time, otherwise, my kiddo is in cloth.

Cloth diapering may not be for you but it has saved our family hundreds already!

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