Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cable vs Netflix vs Youtube

TV. How do we live without it? Unless you are in your late 90s you've probably had a TV (or more!) the majority of your life. I'm constantly amazed at all the different shows all readily available any time of the day. And yet, I'm sure you've still felt, like me, with the hundreds of channels that "nothing's on".

A few years ago before we were married, my husband got deployed to the Middle East. He chose to disconnect his cable while he was gone. {Side note: this is an EXCELLENT way to save money if you are going on an extended vacation (more than 30 days), on deployment, or are in the process of moving. No need to pay for cable when you aren't home to enjoy it!} Okay, as I was saying, when my husband returned home he never turned his cable back on. You see he had gotten used to not watching TV regularly and didn't miss it. My husband and I started dating shortly after. We got married and never turned the cable back on.

Now I'm not going to say I never watch TV because that's simply not true. We have plenty of family and friends with cable and awesome TVs and we absolutely crash at their houses for sporting events, The Royal Wedding (okay, not my husband on that one--haha), and of course Downton Abbey. But for the most part I don't miss TV at all and that is largely because we have a prescription to Netflix.

If you don't know what Netflix is, it's a website with tons of movies, documentaries, TV shows,  and kids programs. You pay a monthly amount and can either watch everything on the computer (which you can actually connect to your TV too!) or you can also have a different package where they mail you DVDs to watch at home. When you're finished with the DVD, simply mail it back and they will send you another one you've preselected.

For us, just watching on the computer is good enough. We're big on Discovery channel and Netflix has TONS of their shows. We haven't been disappointed in the least! Youtube is another awesome way to watch your favorite shows. I've watched several seasons of shows that way and it didn't cost a thing! Network websites are another awesome resource. I watched all of Downton Abbey season 3 on and I kept up with the entire show that way.

Price Comparison:

Youtube -- FREE
Network websites -- FREE
Netflix -- $7.99/month for computer only
Netfix -- $23/month for computer and DVDs mailed to you
Cable -- $100/month or easily more depending on how many channels

You decide what you're willing to pay for.


  1. Hulu is a good online alternative too. Lots of free current TV and some movies. Of course there is more if you subscribe, but the majority is free.

  2. yeah I've heard that. I just don't have any experience with hulu. cable is so unnecessary with all these other options!